Centre of Excellence in Teaching and learning (CETL), Khulna University (KU) is a service oriented and research led centre that supports the university to achieve its strategic teaching and learning aims. CETL achieves this objective through offering 1) required programs for the development of new academic staff at KU; 2) professional learning including workshops and seminars; 3) consultation services for faculty; and 4) special events such as hosting of leading researchers and practitioners in the field of higher education. CETL works in the areas of approaches to teaching and learning, curriculum design, assessment, learning and evaluation.

Vision and mission:

CETL is committed to delivering high quality professional learning programs, to engaging in scholarship and conducting research in support of university-wide teaching and learning developments. The mission of CETL is to work across Khulna University to enhance the quality of the student learning experience and the quality of the teacher’s experience.

Aims and Objectives

CETL aims to support a student-centered teaching agenda and towards the enhancement of teaching and learning at Khulna University and other regional higher educational institutions. CETL supports teachers in their practice, with the aim of enhancing the quality of the student learning experience and this support is provided within a holistic framework of professional learning to meet the needs of a diverse range of academics at different stages in their careers.

Specific objectives of CETL, KU are:

  • i) To organize need oriented training for the teachers, students and support staff of KU and other regional universities.
  • ii) To conduct research on teaching and learning in higher education.
  • iii) To publish journals E-resource and develop curriculum and modules for different faculty development programs.
  • iv) To offer certificate /diploma courses.
  • v) To develop pool of competent trainers.
  • vi) To arrange need based workshops and seminars to support diverse range of academics at different stages in their career.
  • vii) To offer consultation services.
  • viii) To co-ordinate and lead activities of KU and other universities and develop exchange and collaboration among different relevant institutions home and abroad.
  • ix) To perform such other functions necessary activities to facilitate attainment of the objectives of the centre with the approval of proper authority.

Our Training Program

Date Name of Training Program Number of Participants
02 Oct 2018 Induction for the lecturers 36
04-05 Jan 2019 Module-I (Teaching & Learning) 51
16-18 Apr 2019 Module-II (Teaching, Learning & Assessment) 51
17 Sept 2019 Induction for the lecturers 31
15-16, 27-28 Oct 2019 Module-I (Teaching & Learning) 17

Our Team

Professor Dr. Feroz Ahmed - Director

CETL, Khulna University
Cell: +880-1914066201

Dr. Jagadish Chandra Joardar - Deputy Director

CETL, Khulna University
Cell: +880-1913454881

Upcoming Events

  • 1. Induction for the Lecturers
  • 2. Module-II (Teaching, Learning & Assessment)
  • 3. Module-III