Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

Greetings from IQAC. IQAC is currently working to facilitate the turnitin related services at KU. In this regard, keeping limitations in mind, we are requesting you to consider the following issues while using the service: 

1. There will be one Instructor per Discipline who will coordinate the service among the stakeholders of the Discipline. Please consult with your Head Sir to trace out your Discipline's Instructor. Note that, even under this single-Instructor (per Discipline) option, you will be able to submit and track your paper(s) individually and independently. The only thing is: you have to request your Instructor to include you in a class initially. Once it is done, you can do the rest by yourself.

2. Instructors are requested to fix the due/end date of the class/assignment comparatively a longer time to avoid the threat of expiration of the class or assignment.

3. Instructors are requested to avoid 'Master class' or 'Join Account (TA)', which creates massive managerial problems.

4. While submitting paper/document to turnitin, choosing 'No Repository' is strongly recommended. Choosing any other option will invite lot of pains and troubles for concerned all including you. Please try to comply with this.

5. While submitting paper/document to turnitin, please note down the submission ID, which will be essential to communicate with turnitin authority, if needed. Paper title, author name, Instructor details, Class ID etc. nothing will work! Turnitin takes action only based on submission ID.

6. Please find the document of an earlier workshop <Download it> which might help you using turnitin services, if needed. The same information was sent through email on 10.03.2021.


Login to Turnitin page: Click here for login to Turnitin


For deleting a paper permanently from turnitin repository, the Instructor has to initiate the process.

1. Navigate to the paper you'd like to delete.

2. Select the checkbox of the paper you'd like to delete and 'Request permanent deletion'.

​For details:Click here


Turnitin Instructors at KU (updated as on 19.09.2022)

Serial No.  Discipline Name of the Instructor Designation  Email Address  Mobile Number
1 Agrotechnology  Dr. Prosanta Kumar Dash  Associate Professor 01719032825
2 Architechture  Dr. A. T. M. Masood Reza Associate Professor 01711331277
3 BA Dr. Tarun Kanti Bose  Professor 01911451044
4 Bangla  Antara Biswas  Lecturer 01946571181
5 BGE Dr. Ahsan Habib Professor 01770058070
6 Chemistry  Dr. Md. Ahsan Habib Assistant Professor 01757840291
7 CSE Sk. Alamgir Hossain Associate Professor  
8 DP Bitap Shavan Bachhar Lecturer 01703661116
9 DS Md. Ashfikur Rahman Lecturer  
10 ECE S M Shamsul Alam Professor 01712163906
11 Economics  Dr. Mohammed Ziaul Haider  Professor  01730004131
12 English  Dr. A R M Mostafizar Rahman Professor 01715299422
13 ES  Dr. Abdullah Harun Chowdhury


14 FMRT Dr. Muhammad Abdur Rouf  Professor 01711032019
15 FWT S.M. Rubaiot Abdullah  Assistant Professor 01718096435
16 HC Dr. Md. Mahmud Alam  Lecturer 01711141250
17 HRM Mahfuja Khatun Assistant Professor 01773686685
18 IER Md. Fajlay Rabbi Lecturer 01681687987
19 Law Md. Yamin Rahman Lecturer  01774456146
20 Math  Dr. Lasker Ershad Ali  Professor 01712982332
21 MCJ Mousumi Khatun Assistant Professor 01795806037
22 MLC Md. Hasan Imam Assistant Professor 01712664075
23 Pharmacy  Dr. Md. Iqbal Ahmed Professor


24 Physics  Dr. Md. Omar Faruk Rasel Assistant Professor 01717815313
25 Printmaking  Md. Nadimuddaula Assistant Professor 01817381876
26 Sculpture  Santanu Mondal  Assistant Professor  01717584907
27 Sociology  Head, Sociology Discipline Head  
28 Statistics  Md. Salauddin Khan Assistant Professor 01715227828
29 SWE Md. Sadiqul Amin  Associate Professor 01720314151
30 URP Dr. Md. Ashiq Ur Rahman  Professor


N.B.: Please contact to <> for any clarification or revision in this list.


Turnitin Usage at KU

MonthActive ClassesActive InstructorsSubmissions
October 2022312289
November 2022171452
December 2022131289